It all started back in 2015 when a couple of buddies got together at Spicewood Vineyards for a business meeting.  As fate would have it, one of the top BBQ spots in the state was just a couple miles down the road and they were hungry!  They grabbed an order to go and headed back to the vineyard. Mouths watering, they sat down under the patio and took in the vivacious hill country views. It was then they realized, the only thing they had to pair with the BBQ was a glass of Texas Tempranillo. Bummer, right? Once the dinner meeting concluded, both friends came to two simple conclusions…

1. Texas BBQ and Texas Wine pair incredibly well together.

2. Add Live Music to the mix and that equals one heck of a Texas Party.

The vision was set and the first ever Texas BBQ & Wine Fest was established.  It was founded on the simple principals stated above, and it seems that many others can agree on that.  Without any form of advertising, besides word of mouth, the first year grew to over 500 in attendance.  During the second year, the festival doubled in size to almost 1,000 people.  Year 3 saw even more growth getting almost 2,000 patrons.

With the 4th Annual Texas BBQ & Wine Fest being held on Saturday, July 21st, we are taking things to the next level!  We are partnering with local BBQ legends such as Opie’s, Kreuz, Terry Black's, Schmidt's Family BBQ, It’s All Good, Slab, Blue Top BBQ, Mesquite Bean, and Papa Joe's to bring together the powerhouses in the industry.  

Patrons will not only be able to sample some of the best BBQ in the land, but they will also enjoy the best Texas Wine. Our wine partners this year include some of the best wine makers in all of Texas.  They are Spicewood Vineyards, Ron Yates, William Chris Vineyards, Lewis Wines, Duchman, Rivenburgh Wines, and Fall Creek Vineyards.